Mother Earth Monday: Will Atmospheric Trust Litigation Save the Planet?

With a fittingly forward-looking swan song, Bill Moyers’ final broadcast examines a new legal framework for the crusade against global warming called atmospheric trust litigation. It argues that  air, water, land, plants and animals are the responsibility of government, held in its trust for all generations to come.  Moyers’ guest, Kelsey Juliana is a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit that could force the state of Oregon to take a more aggressive stance against the carbon emissions. Mary Christina Wood, a legal scholar who wrote the book, Nature’s Trust, traces this public trust doctrine all the way back to ancient Rome and tells Bill: “If this nation relies on a stable climate system, and the very habitability of this nation and all of the liberties of young people and their survival interests are at stake, the courts need to force the agencies and the legislatures to simply do their job.”

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