Wild Friday: Luxury Apocalypse

Enjoy the end of the world from the comfort of a missile silo – for only 1.5 million.  Of course you will have to share your silo with other rich bastards while the zombies roam above until … well, what exactly?

The fear-mongering luxury survival condo warns “anything is possible” with a bombed out capital building  and ironically promises “peace” of mind.  Sure, while the world burns to a cinder, somebody will be lounging under the fake painting of the sky, next to the pool, sipping a latte.    All well and good until they run out of fresh air and virus gets in.  Ohno!  Daddy Warbucks is eating brains in the stairwell!  Lovey Howell is munching heads in the elevator!  design4-resized-280x400

Now how safe do you feel in your Atlas missile silo, with only one door at the top?


* Penthouse Units
– approximately 3,200 sq. ft. on two levels starting at $4.5 Million USD
* Full-Floor Units
– approximately 1,840 sq. ft. on one level starting at $3.0 Million USD
* Half-Floor Units
– approximately 920 sq. ft. on one level starting at $1.5 Million USD

Hurry. Hurry.  Cash only!  Click here now if you have a few extra million just lying around!