Wild Friday: How Conservatives Got Duped by Scam

Do you know anybody who is hoarding food for the apocalypse?  Online scammer Allen Baler says “Our philosophy is one man, one laptop, one million bucks. I just love the freedom of being able to make a nice income, to make a nice business and just be, basically, myself.” Or Frank Bates, whichever works!

Who is Frank Bates?  Nobody.  Frank is as fake as his claims, according to the report in Think Progress by Zach Beauchamp entitled The Inside Story Of The Charlatan Who Duped The Nation’s Top Conservatives.  Find out how easy it was for Baler to earn  (swindle?) a few million dollars by whipping up a false flag and advertising it on conservative websites.  Get your grossly overpriced “covert” food now, before the zombie hordes sent by Obama round you up into a FEMA camp!  Or something.