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Elizabeth Brackman

Biomimicry: Cutting Edge Design based on Nature

Biomimicry has been around a while. You might say we’ve been at it since the beginning of our consciousness.

Following animals to water sources, for instance. Shamans wore furs, skulls, bones of the animals whose powers they wished to harness. Once we tasted lightning-roasted nuts and fruits from the struck tree, we could never go back to just eating raw almonds or apples (or walnuts, or hazelnuts, or apricots, take your pick) so we had to figure out how to make that fire on our own.… Read the rest

Permaculture: Picture Essay

Today, we bring you a brief pictorial sampling of the Permaculture web presence. Each of the images links to the website where the cool picture was found. This is not a comprehensive collection of Permaculture sites, but a random sampling from some of the coolest images I found while combing the results of a Google Image search.… Read the rest

Review: America’s Civil War exhibit at FMPOA

One of the principal pleasures of visiting a museum, aside from engaging with representative collections on an aesthetic level, is gaining erudition, insight, perspective on the subject displayed. The roots of our nation are planted in difficult soil that bore strange fruit still leaving its bitter tinge at the edges.… Read the rest