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Finding Cheesus

While people have been seeing visions of Jesus Christ all around the world for probably thousands of years, only recently have people started finding images of Jesus in Cheetos. Two different little Jesus-shaped cheetos, called “Cheesus” have been found, one in Texas and one in Missouri.… Read the rest

What Would Buddha Do?

If the Buddha were to reincarnate into the world that we live in today, what would he do? Would he take to the jungle and meditate for years without eating or drinking? Or would he be surfing the internet and have profiles on MySpace and Facebook?… Read the rest

The Wild Microbial World

There has been a lot of talk about the Swine Flu, (er, I mean, H1N1) lately, but it hasn’t turned out to be the big bad pandemic the world had begun preparing for. Although there have now been cases discovered in almost every state , it has not been shown to be any more dangerous than any other flu.… Read the rest

The Economics of Mother’s Day

Mothers. They give us the gift of life, and we give them greeting cards. Anna Jarvis , the creator of Mother’s Day in the United States (first celebrated in 1908), became so dissatisfied with the over-commercialization of the holiday that she spent her life protesting it.
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Go Velo!

The summer I turned twelve, I got my first 10-speed bike. Too impatient to walk and too young to drive, biking was a great way for a kid to get around in an area with no public transportation. To me, it meant freedom.Read the rest

Sunday Morning

Ah, Sunday morning. It’s a great time to relax with a cup of coffee, maybe do a crossword puzzle…I’m terrible at crossword puzzles, but I did love the documentary about crossword puzzle fanatics that came out a few years ago, Wordplay.Read the rest

Earth Day & The Wartville Wizard

Last night I read this great children’s book “The Wartville Wizard,” by Don Madden, in which an old man, unhappy with his neighbors’ habit of littering, becomes a wizard with “the power over trash.” Instead of yelling “slobs!”… Read the rest