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The Last Pope?

Duude, you can’t ignore it is mightily strange for the Catholic church to let a pope retire after 600 years of sticking to tradition and working them to death! Some say it is just too weird that the “olive pope” has backed away from the throne – and by-the-way have you seen this supernatural throne room?… Read the rest

Juice News: Big Brother WWWatches You

With his unparalleled musical stylings, Robert Foster takes on the rise of the surveillance state. Will the Internet remain the one place where humanity can express itself free of filters and barriers? Or will it become the greatest spying machine ever imagined?… Read the rest

Sacred Knowledge in Plain Sight

Have you ever wondered about the odd statues, symbols and architecture in Washington DC and other cities and places around the world? Sacred knowledge is presented and preserved in buildings and designs – if you know what you are looking at!  … Read the rest

Earth’s True Rulers?

Every conspiracy theory in the book comes together in this epic-length documentary connecting the New World Order to ancient middle-eastern antecedents. Does a secret government already rule the world? Ring of Power: Empire of the City shows how it all works:

“A marathon of an education — 4 DVDs that weave a solid quilt from history-as-we-didn’t-know-it.

Read the rest

The Tsunami Bomb

Top-secret wartime experiments were conducted off the coast of Auckland to perfect a tidal wave bomb. According to this New Zealand News report a series of underwater explosions triggered  mini-tidal waves at Whangaparaoa in 1944 and 1945.  The Weekend Herald reported

The experiments involved laying a pattern of explosives underwater to create a tsunami. 

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Secret Space Colonization Revealed in Popular Video

Somehow Hollywood always seems to be making one point … even when they say it is something else. Take, for example, the exemplary sci-fi music video by It’s Always a Good Time‘s Owl City.  It has beautiful cinematography, awesome costumes and is set in a dramatically presented people-free Earth.… Read the rest

Anonymous Speaks Up

This summer the mysterious group known as Anonymous issued a video to the world officially declaring war on the system and appealing in staccato robot voice “you are the revolution.”  Clad in a mantel (sic) of crusty, dusty aphorisms and recycled visuals this video nevertheless has a tight graphic design and a message targeting malcontents everywhere.… Read the rest


Just when we were beginning to relax at sea and forget about pirates, a new band of “bandits” are out there!

Aqua Expeditions has captured the Amazon River Bandits.  The CEO of the company, Francesco Galli-Zurgaro through Peruvian news agencies, announced the capture of six armed “bandits” who robbed passengers on July 26th on the river vessel cruising the Amazon in Peru.… Read the rest


Whenever I think I’ve lost my “edge” my son, Charlie, updates me!  He referred to Mind Before Matter as a “super cool book”.  Written by doctorate holders telling their stories from four different perspectives: science, philosophy, PSI (parapsychological phenomena) and communion.… Read the rest


Just the thought of flying trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific exhausts me!  Los Angeles to Kuala Lampur (affectionately known as “KL”), New York-Cairo.  The most prominent competitive edge for any airline is service and cabin comfort.

Japan Airlines (JAL) recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Los Angeles to Tokyo service. … Read the rest

Do you believe in ghosts?

While no one knows for sure, people all over the world throughout time have had experiences of what they call ghosts. Do ghosts really exist? It all depends on how you define “ghost.” What are ghosts?

rational explanation is that our experience of ghosts, or paranormal phenomena, can be attributed to our evolutionary survival mechanisms.… Read the rest

If Chickens Ruled the World

Some people may think that chickens are stupid and harmless birds. These people have never observed chicken behavior on a close level.  Yesterday two of our six hens hatched out some baby chicks for the first time ever. The other hens proceeded to tear one of the chicks limb from limb in a vicious attack, before we were able to rescue it.… Read the rest


In the 1930s, an unusual 900 year-old skull was found in Mexico. When finally brought to light and studied in the late 1990s, some came to the conclusion that this “Starchild Skull”  is actually an extraterrestrial-human hybrid.

This mystery skull does not fit neatly into any known human skull deformations.… Read the rest

Bigfoot Lives!

Ok, I actually don’t know if Bigfoot exists or not, but, like Fox Mulder from the X-Files, “I want to believe.” And I’m not the only one. Even though some Bigfoot sightings have been proven to be hoaxs, people continue to believe and look for the real Bigfoot.… Read the rest

Bird-brained Behavior

Several weeks ago I awoke to a tapping at my window. Thinking it was one of our dogs or our cat wanting to go out, I got up, only to find that it was a Robin at the window. Not only was he tapping, but every once in a while he would throw himself against the window.… Read the rest

True Urban Legends

While we have all heard about Urban Legends that have been proven to be false, there are a surprising number that are also true. And of course, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Here are just a few that I discovered today that I found interesting:

The child’s song “Sing a Song of Sixpence” was actually a coded message to recruit pirates.… Read the rest

Finding Cheesus

While people have been seeing visions of Jesus Christ all around the world for probably thousands of years, only recently have people started finding images of Jesus in Cheetos. Two different little Jesus-shaped cheetos, called “Cheesus” have been found, one in Texas and one in Missouri.… Read the rest

The Wild Microbial World

There has been a lot of talk about the Swine Flu, (er, I mean, H1N1) lately, but it hasn’t turned out to be the big bad pandemic the world had begun preparing for. Although there have now been cases discovered in almost every state , it has not been shown to be any more dangerous than any other flu.… Read the rest


Finally I figured it out.  Over the years I’ve attended sales and marketing seminars.  Advertising companies’ battle cry has been, “If the public doesn’t need it, create the need!”

And so they instilled within our brains, young and old alike, the need and desire for cereal that tastes like candy, products that make us attractive or smell better, detergents that make our clothes brighter or retain their color and shape longer, lawns that grow greener and make our neighbors envious.… Read the rest

Raspberries & Rum

No, that’s not a drink or dessert recipe (although it sounds very tasty indeed) – it’s the taste and scent of a dust cloud in the Milky Way, at least according to a recent Guardian article.  The report says:

“In the latest survey, astronomers sifted through thousands of signals from Sagittarius B2, a vast dust cloud at the centre of our galaxy.… Read the rest