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Vital Sunday: Teachings of Swami Ramakrishnananda

The realization of God cannot be attained in a haphazard way. There is a regular method. First you must hear, then you must understand what you hear, and from understanding you go on to realization. You must know the light is there, otherwise you may go in the opposite direction to find it.… Read the rest


Wild Friday: Secret Societies Revealed

Genuine secret societies have existed for centuries, conducting their business in darkened back rooms and, more often than not, exerting a mysterious influence upon our culture. Through history there have been many secret societies and conspiracy theories about those societies.

From political organisations to college frats, these groups require their members to conceal their activities, and sometimes their identities, from the public.… Read the rest


Thirsty Thursday: Nudity on Stage

Do you want to see naked actors? Does nudity help or hinder art? Here are some views on the subject from NYC Playwrights. My personal opinion?  If the shoe fits …

Nude is Good for Broadway Box Office

That Radcliffe did the play in London last year and opened last week on Broadway in a transfer of that production would be news enough insofar as the star of one of the most successful franchises in film history is performing live on stage, in the flesh.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Why is Everything a Hoax?

Mass media and social media are controlled by the Government, says this YouTuber. (Question, are “YouTubers” the new “Couch Potatoes”?)  In pursuit of a globalist agenda, our secret rulers push their agenda by fabricating news and creating giant “hollywood” hoaxes to attract your attention and bend your mind! … Read the rest


Mother Earth Monday: Dams Cause Extinctions

A new study by University of East Anglia researchers confirms what numerous Indigenous communities have long charged: gigantic hydroelectric dam construction projects are not environmentally friendly, as proponents claim, but in fact pose a profound threat to biodiversity and life in the Amazon.

Read the rest

Human Temple Sunday: MDMA for PTSD

I’ll be the first the admit that watching my lover die of AIDS when I was 19 was traumatic.  I was diagnosed with PTSD, just like soldiers returning home after watching freinds die horribly.   As college kid, I had access and a community that used MDMA for recreational and social development  purposes. … Read the rest


Wild Friday: Can Apps Protect You From Ver-Eyes-On Adver-Spyers?

Our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation want you to know that Stanford’s Jonathan Mayer and ProPublica show how Verizon’s undeleteable UIDH mobile tracking header is used by adver-spyer to respawn deleted cookies.

The only complete protection from being tracked by Verizon’s injected headers is to follow the advice in Verizon’s privacy policy, and not use their product at all:

If you do not want information to be collected for marketing purposes from services such as the Verizon Wireless Mobile Internet services, you should not use those particular services.

Read the rest

Thirsty Thursday: 3 Gay Guys Reading in Ft. Lauderdale

ISLAND CITY STAGE invites you to attend a FREE reading of 3 Gay Guys, a new play by Dewey Davis-Thompson, at Empire Stage 1140 N. Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale on Monday, June 29 at 7pm.
What happens in a three way relationship, and how does it fit in with the new model of gay marriage? Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: What are Americans Like?

Americans “smell like freedom” says one fellow in this video about how people from other countries spot people from  the USA when they travel overseas.  It seems we are fat, loud, greedy, sloppy and uptight.  Well, gee, tell us how you really feel!… Read the rest


Mother Earth Monday – The OTHER Solar Power

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have seen explosive growth because of their stunning 99 percent price drop in the past quarter century. As a result, the other form of solar power — concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) — is a small fraction of the solar market.… Read the rest


Wild Friday: Parallel Realities

Gilbert Ross writes:

The idea of parallel universes is certainly not something new. It has been entertained in popular media since the existence of universes existing simultaneously has been theorised in Quantum Physics. Many Sci-fi novels and T.V series scripts have been written based on the idea.… Read the rest


Thirsty Thursday: CityWrights 2015

City Theatre’s groundbreaking CityWrights Professional Weekend for Playwrights, will take place from June 25 – 28, 2015 at the EPIC Hotel in Miami. This convocation of playwrights continues to grow as a nationally recognized event that puts South Florida center stage as a cultural destination for theatre  professionals.… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Pepper the Android Makes Me Hot!

It coos, it giggles, it finger-wiggles.  Watch Pepper, the humanoid android, come alive in this video called Pepper’s Wake Up.  It is haunting how alive this thing looks and acts.  Without a word it engenders warm feelings and wonder.  Could it really be alive?  … Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: German Military Bases Become Bird Sanctuaries

Out with the guns, in with the wildlife!  That is the plan for military bases in Germany. Sixty-two disused military bases on what used to be the edge of the Iron Curtain in West Germany will be turned into bio reserves for rare eagles and woodpeckers, as well as threatened bats and beetles and other critters.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Astral Travel

At last! A practical guide to astral travel for dummies made easy.  Thanks to Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s series on the Siddha Tradition we have this speech on the topic Parakaaya Pravesha or astral travel. He reluctantly used the word astral travel, as there really isn’t an English word to explain this phenomenal concept.… Read the rest


Thirsty Thursday: Tonys Dis Dramatists?

Why does the broadcast of the Tony Awards fail to celebrate playwrights, those who start the entire process and “face down the blank page”?  The new president of the Dramatists Guild of America wrote this letter to CBS, asking why commercial breaks preempted honoring the all-female writing team to take home awards for Best Score, Best Book and, ultimately, Best Musical.… Read the rest

Worldwide Wednsday: Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices

Just cuz they pretty, here are some extraordinary toroidal vortices produced by dolphins, beluga whales, humpback whales, volcanoes, hydrogen/atomic bombs, and well, you will see!.

A toroidal vortex, also called a vortex ring, is a region of rotating fluid moving through the same or different fluid where the flow pattern takes on a toroidal (doughnut) shape.

Read the rest

Mother Earth Monday: Root Bridges in Cherrapungee

Mother Nature offers all sorts of solutions if we just help her out.  Case in point are these amazing bridges that are coaxed from natural tree roots in India.   1

The southern Khasi and Jaintia hills are humid and warm, crisscrossed by swift-flowing rivers and mountain streams.… Read the rest


Vital Sunday: I Hate All Bigots?

What do you call someone who makes sweeping generalizations on billions of people based on the actions of a few? A bigot. Bill Maher, says Mary Elizabeth Williams, is such a bigot.

Maher has famously said, “Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do” — which is pretty funny, given the know-it-all arrogance of the anti-religion big leaguers like Maher himself.

Read the rest

Wild Friday: Zuckerberg’s Plan For World Domination In Trouble

Facebook’s top snoop and social engineer Mark Zuckerberg said, “We have a historic opportunity ahead of us to improve the lives of billions of people. It’s just the right thing to do.” is essentially a mobile application that provides free access to a handful of other applications, platforms and websites, including Facebook, Wikipedia and the BBC.… Read the rest


Thirsty Thursday: Daniel’s Husband

So many of my gay friends think “why bother?” now that society encourages us to shack up legally like the rest of our herd. Maybe that is not such a bad idea, after all, warns the “incomparable and prolific” playwright Michael McKeever in his tear-jerker Daniel’s Husband, now playing at Empire Stage as Island City Stage’s season finale.… Read the rest


Worldwide Wednesday: Dancing on the Battlefield

Mary Allan shares another overseas adventure:

As I travel, I begin to realize how large our planet is, the endless countries with towns and cities…the diversity of each city and country’s language and dialects and, in many cases, occupation by another country. … Read the rest