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Let Trees Have a Holiday This Year!

Mother Earth Monday: A live tree or no tree? In our house we debate replacing our tattered 12-year-old artificial holiday bush with a real “recycled” tree, still in a bucket of dirt, with a home in the yard during the off season.  … Read the rest

Watch the North Pole Melt

I don’t know how folks can deny climate change when things like this are happening.  And arguing over the cause is pointless.  It’s what we are going to do about a changing world that needs discussion!

This video of time lapse photos shows the lake that now forms on top of the ice at the North Pole.… Read the rest

Climate Science

In a fusion of Tech Talk Tuesday and Mother Earth Monday, Science Daily reports on mathematical modeling of climate change odds.


The news is not good. Comprehensive modeling shows that:

“…without rapid and massive action, the problem will be about twice as severe as previously estimated six years ago – and could be even worse than that….… Read the rest

World News

This week I saw two interesting news stories from around the world – one rather sad, the other fascinating.




Yahoo! Green reported on rising sea levels and associated environmental dangers from the World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia.

“Dealing with environmental refugees will have a much more serious impact on the global economy and global security in fact than what wars have ever done to this planet,” said Rolph Payet, a presidential adviser from the African island nation of the Seychelles.… Read the rest