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Wild Friday: Harry Potter Black Magic Conspiracy

Oh no kids, he is back!  John Doe takes a break from practicing Illuminatus or lumos or whatever to illuminate viewers on the topic of the Harry Potter conspiracy to promote and encourage witchcraft and black magic among the youth of the world. … Read the rest

Wild Friday: Disney Illuminati Sex Conspiracy

Oh no, dear readers.  The truth is finally out!  In this video by John Doe we discover how seemingly innocent childhood movies from Disney are full of subliminal messages in service to the Illuminati – and the secret of corn dogs as lagniappe. … Read the rest

Sacred Geometry or Random DOT Construction?

It’s Wild Friday, so we check in on our favorite conspiracies and today it looks like they are literally everywhere!

Are there secrets hidden in plain sight, or is the alignment of famous monuments and city streets just a coincidence?  This video by Scott Onstott is one part history, one part architecture and a dash of conspiracy theory.… Read the rest

You Think I Am Crazy!

Dr. Von Ikken says “Vindication at last!  It’s not a wacko conspiracy theory unless you say so!”  He insists reptoids built the pyramids, and anyone who says he is crazy is shifting the focus ad gaudia, or rather, ad hominem!
Here is a video that backs him up, asserting that “real skeptics question everything, including their own assumptions.  … Read the rest

Luke’s Change: Death Star False Flag?

I knew it! I just knew it!
Sooner or later a mashup of Star Wars and the 911 Truthers would appear. And this well-done lampoon of the Loose Change documentary is called Luke’s Change. And rather than debunk any 911 theories, this seems to call Star Wars truths into question – much like the prequels and Clone Wars did.… Read the rest

Secret Space Colonization Revealed in Popular Video

Somehow Hollywood always seems to be making one point … even when they say it is something else. Take, for example, the exemplary sci-fi music video by It’s Always a Good Time‘s Owl City.  It has beautiful cinematography, awesome costumes and is set in a dramatically presented people-free Earth.… Read the rest