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Wild Friday: Viruses And Other Dirty Tricks

NBC News revealed slides instructing spy agencies how to  “release computer viruses, spy on journalists and diplomats, jam phones and computers, and use sex to lure targets into ‘honey traps'” in order to “go on offense and attack adversaries.” Slides leaked by Edward Snowden focused on a secret branch within the GCHQ called the Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group (JTRIG) specializing in  “dirty tricks,” “propaganda,” and “false flag” operations used to spy on “suspected terrorists” and “criminals” as well as diplomats, journalists, activists.… Read the rest

Wild Friday: Orwells Worst Nightmare

Mikko Hypponen points out, Orwell “was an optimist.” Orwell never imagined the NSA would amass billions of our phone calls and 200 million of our text messages every day and read the our emails and live chats agrees Marjorie Cohen.

She says in 1774, in a petition to King George III, Congress protested against the colonial officers’ unlimited power of search and seizure.… Read the rest

Tech SuperFriends vs. Villainous Spies!

Techie Tuesday: It speaks volumes when 8 arch-rival tech giants ban together to limit government surveillance” notes Jesselyn Radack at the Government Accountability Project.

In an open letter to President Obama and members of Congress, AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and Yahoo, write:

We understand that governments have a duty to protect their citizens.

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Rally for Internet Freedom in D.C.

Techie Tuesday: The internet is a major battleground for free speech in the 21st century. Protecting internet freedom is essential to safeguarding principles embodied in the Bill of Rights and the “Declaration of Internet Freedom: freedom of expression, access, openness, innovation and privacy.”… Read the rest

Big Brother’s High Chair

Like a big baby, or maybe a would-be tyrant on a throne, the top spy has a spaceship bridge and captain’s chair straight out of Star Trek in the top-secret command center where they look at all your Facebook photos (and vidoes your iphone camera took when when you thought it was off) on a huge screen.… Read the rest