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Turn Despair Into Action

Do you feel overwhelmed by the troubles in this world?   Read this Call to Apocalypse by Robert Jensen, who says that like “Bidder 70” Tim DeChristopher, we must turn frustration into creative solutions.  But first we must face the truth.

Some stories we have told ourselves—claims by white people, men, or U.S.

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Site Spotlight #3: Anomaly Tracker – OpenSecrets Blog

The Center for Responsive Politics keeps an eye out for bad eggs in Congress, and who keeps them rotten with cash.  Now they have a new tool to help citizens and voters keep an eye on that basket.

For years, our researchers have analyzed and crunched numbers looking for outliers — instances where a politician relies to an unusual degree on one group of donors, for instance, or contributors from one geographic area dominate a candidate’s fundraising.

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Hear What You Want to Hear

Newswise — COLUMBUS, Ohio – A recent study examined people’s bodily responses while watching presidential campaign ads – and discovered another way that people avoid political information that challenges their beliefs.
In the last days of the 2008 campaign, researchers had people watch a variety of actual ads for Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his Democratic rival Barack Obama while the viewers’ heart rates, skin conductance and activation of facial muscles were monitored.… Read the rest