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Wizard of Oz

Thirsty Thursday: The Wizard of Wacky World

Here’s the full story that ran in the Pinellas Reader:

Dreary Florida warehouses may be the modern equivalent of Dorothy’s
prairie grey, and they are as numerous as Kansan cornfields where the
Pinellas county line meets Tampa Road.  But step inside Bruce Barry’s
Wacky World and you are in a land of fantasy every bit as astounding as
L.… Read the rest

Wizard of Oz Giant Pop-Up Books

Thirsty Thursday: Home of the world famous Touch Tunnel, Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida commissioned a giant pop-up Wizard of Oz book exhibit which you can visit! Here is tiny portion of my interview with designer Bruce Barry of Wacky World.  … Read the rest

The Dangerous Wizard of Oz

Steven Mitchell Wright of The Danger Ensemble says the Wizard of Oz narrative is embedded in the collective unconscious, thanks to Judy Garland and MGM. But Wright’s reinterpretation for a younger audience comes at you in a 4G-fast visual assault. “They’re also highly visually literate,” he says.… Read the rest

Which Witch Am I?

As I look at the two of them there,
Dorothy and Glinda, I wonder:
Which of them will I become
When I am old and very wrinkled?

Holding her scepter-wand, light as light,
Glinda’s pink brilliance barely catches
Dorothy’s shadows ahead, gladly clasps
with her free hand the black-shoed maiden
leading innocence to ruby-slippered power.Read the rest

Screw Your Ding-Dong, Public Opinion!

Big media seems to always whitewash the sins of recent leaders upon their death, as of  Margaret Thatcher on April 8. Even this story about how the BBC refused to play the #1 top selling iTunes song as they did every single week because it demonstrated insensitivity to the “illiberal” politician.  … Read the rest

Chicken Scratching to Oz

Has the new Oz movie inspired you to read  the originals?  There’s more to this story than an MGM musical can cover – dozens of books in fact.  Or maybe you even dream of writing up your own world of words to top  Baum, Lucas or Heinlein?  … Read the rest