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B. Virtual keeps an eye on science and the internet.

010703 - Future Military Biotech
010626 - Malaria and History
010619 - Amoeba Secrets
010612 - Echelon Update
010605 - The REAL Life on Mars!
010522 - A TV That Watches YOU!
010515 - Yahoo Censors
010501 - Tourism in Space
010424 - Biotech Blues
010417 - Holographic Teleportation
010410 - Neptune Attacks
010403 - Grocery Shopping Online
010327 - Life in Space
010320 - White Dwarf Stars
010313 - Life on the Moon?
010306 - Sandia's Z Machine
010227 - Information Mining
010220 - Live to be 100?
010213 - Genomics
010206 - Tiny Tanks
010130 - Green Mars
010123 - Computer Trash
010116 - Spherical Motors
010109 - Map of the Galaxy
010102 - Odyssey to Jupiter
001219 - Computer Evolution
001212 - Tattle Tail Browsers?
001205 - Stradivarius Science

Daily Revolution In science fiction people shrink to miniscule size to perform surgery from within.

Science fact may be tiny machines, stitching up cells and delivering medicine.

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Daily Revolution Every few years the world of computers goes through a radical revolution. So what is next?

Quantum dots may be just the thing to make binary systems like yours obsolete!

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Daily Revolution What happens when something burns? It makes energy, for one.

New studies of combustion could make for some big changes in the future of energy production.

Click HERE to learn more! When Dubya Shrub saw today's web site two years ago he said "There ought to be a limit to Freedom!"

We at the Daily Revolution beg to differ. Long live the web! Long live hype-killers! Long live free speech!

Click HERE to find out what burned the Bush...
  Move over Darth Vader, the bionic body is not far away from reality!
  Will you soon see a computer chip limb in a body near you?
  Click HERE to find out!   In 250 million years, the Earth's continents will be merged again into one giant landmass.
  We will all be neighbors on Pangea Ultima!
  Click HERE to learn more.
  After Napster there is the Gnutella paradox. As soon as an online music-trading service gets big enough to be useful, it's doomed.
  Is there hope for free online music?
  Click HERE to learn more! What do you do to keep your computer safe from prying minds?

Today we look at ways to protect your system from hackers and more!

Click HERE to begin. Food Gone Bad

Fast food chains have been caught feeding people mutant foods not approved for humans!

Click HERE to learn more. Media, Telecom or Spy Tool?

Is the internet a bane or a boon to progressive organizations?

What does the future hold? Click HERE to find out! The GOLEM Project

The US military wants robots to have sex and reproduce! Today we watch as they learn to fornicate and procreate.

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Today we take you to a website with clocks and calendars for everywhere and everywhen!

What time is it in your home town? Click HERE to find out! TODAY: What is Cyberspace?

These RealAudio essays take an academic look at Cyberspace. What is it? How is it evolving? What does it all mean?! Click HERE to listen in!
Today you can ride in a real flying car!

Move over George Jetson, this thing goes 350 miles per hour. Click HERE to take off. Can anything travel faster than light? Now scientists say they have done just that! But don't get your hopes set on travel through space or time with this method, the light only goes so far...

   Click HERE for the story! The Sandia Red Team has successfully attacked every computer system the team has attempted, demonstrating that competent outsiders can hack into almost all networked computers as presently conformed, no matter how well guarded, even when the attack method is announced in advance. Click HERE for details

DailyRevolution.orgv  Should women and men go off into space? Some people say it is a waste of money.

  Others say the realm of planets or stars should be explored by robots. What do you think?

  Click HERE for this story!  Gravity is a very weak force compared to electricity, but it still holds the universe together!

  Or does it? New evidence points to unseen forces that may give gravity a hand.

  Click HERE to read more.  A new part of the spectrum has been set aside for science. Well, it was always there, it's just been reserved for research!

  Protecting our ability to observe the universe is the top priority for the International Astronomical Union.

  Click HERE to find out why!  Have you ever watched a lizard as it ran up a wall? How about a glass window or door?

  A new discovery about geckos has uncovered the mystery of just how they do it.

  Click HERE to learn their secret!  If data is power, some of us are strong indeed, but many of the rest are left in the dark: data free!

  The Electronic Divide is getting bigger. What side are you on? What can you do?

  Click HERE to find out!  Say bye bye to your laptop and hello to the new portable computer!

  Today we take a look at the clip-on gigs and eyewear with video displays that will compute while we walk about.

  Click HERE.  Forget the sitcoms this week, the real show is going on in outer space!

  Watch the astronauts as they visit the space station and forge the high frontier!

  Click HERE to tune in!  Spies, spies, everywhere! Now the internet has become the center of the battle for privacy.

  Bit by bit, your online activites, cell phone calls and even faxes are being watched by the FBI.

  Click HERE to learn more.  Deep under the Atlantic Ocean, cracks in the sea floor spell a waiting disaster!

  Could a slip in the Earth's crust cause tidal waves to hit Europe and the USA?

  Click HERE to find out.  The home of the future is still being designed today, and new data is about to come in!

  Would you want to be a guinea pig for research in a smart home that tracks your every move?

  Click HERE to learn more!  Just when Microsoft really gets in trouble, a new software called Linux has taken root.

  Once an arcane language for gurus and hackers, Linux could take Windows for a ride!

  Click HERE to learn more.  When it was launched, Cassini caused a stir on Earth for carrying radioactive parts.

  Now this space probe has cleared the asteroid belt and is flying on to Jupiter to begin work!

  Click HERE to follow Cassini.   Solar storms hit the Earth last week - what is next? Now there is a site that will tell you.

  Solar flares, aurora and other radioactive spittle are all tracked by the Space Weather site.

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from  Pull up to a compost heap and top off your gas tank. Sounds crazy, right?

  New research into biomass fuel may transform the world of cars sooner than you think!

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from  Microscopic velcro and flat screen television are just some of the promises to come from nanotubes.

  Related to Buckyballs, nanotubes are finding new uses in science and maybe the home!

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from  Free books for everyone! What a concept! This was the idea behind Project Gutenberg.

  So far, thousands of great works of literature have been posted online for you to read.

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from  The global poplulation of robots is booming! Once just science fiction, now robots and humans work side by side.

  Now there is a handy guide to commercial robots.

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from  Is Boeing lost in space? One thing is sure, they lost the parts for the space station!

  A trip to the dump could not find the missing parts, and so the space company is even more over budget.

  Click HERE to learn more!

Today's Feature from  The sky is full of unexplored areas and unknown events.

  But college student Alicia Soderberg is an expert at finding new supernova.

  Click HERE to find out how she does it!

Today's Feature from  For the first time, a space probe has snuck up on an asteroid to do some studies.

  Eros, a rock floating in space near Earth, was surveyed by the NEAR probe last week.

  Click HERE to learn more!

Today's Feature from  For years there have been rumours of a spy network run by the US, UK and the folks Down Under.

  Now the truth is out, and France is suing! What secrets of yours do the spies want to know?

  Click HERE to find out.

Today's Feature from  Do you think it might be OK to freeze your body after you die in the hope that science will save you one day?

  That idea may not be so far- fetched; new research shows that sugars preserve frozen life.

  Click HERE!

Today's Feature from  Are you tired of getting a bunch of spam emails with a whole lot of other addresses on it too?

   There is a simple trick called BCC, and today's writer insists that you use it!

  Click HERE to learn more.

Today's Feature from   Can a chip of plastic the size of a fingernail include your entire credit history, medical data and shopping trends?

  A new flourescent technology allows clear plastic to store data - and your facts may never look the same!

  Click HERE to learn more!

Today's Feature from 2kjournal!  There are probably a lot of planets out there, say scientists, but solar systems like ours may be rare.

  A new search for Jupiter type planets has made the experts think again about life on other worlds.

  Click HERE to learn more!

Today's Feature from 2kjournal!   Your genes may have a lot to do with your behaviour, and now science can show us exactly how.

  Learn how a simple worm tells a lot about genetics.

  Click HERE!

Today's Feature from 2kjournal!   Now that the year 00 is here, what really happened with the Y2K bug? Did the programmers save us all?

  Hoax, hype or heroes? Today you can decide for yourself. 2k Journal.

  Click HERE for a Y2K roundup!

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