Wild Friday: Iceland’s Elves Acting Up!

Iceland has been forced to bow to pressure from elves and uncover a supposedly enchanted elfin rock after highway workers accidentally buried it — infuriating the mythical creatures, reports said Tuesday.

The angry elves were suspected of causing a series of mishaps after the rock was covered over when workers cleared away the debris from a landslide, the Morgunbladid daily reported.… Read the rest

Worldwide Wednesday: To Tour?

Mary Allan shares this advise: A tour package is the product of a tour operator.  Many of these tour operators specialize in specific areas of the world such as Europe, Asia, Russia, etc.  There are other operators who provide standard tours in the United States.… Read the rest

Techie Tuesday: Fix for Wind’s Big Problem

Ever hear of Savonius vertical axis wind turbine dates back to Persian empire.  Modern materials bring this ancient design into the modern age. Hello World’s Ashlee Vance paid a recent visit to Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik to see the next part of the green energy story.… Read the rest

Vital Sunday: Mundaka Upanishad


With our ears may we hear what is good.
With our eyes may we behold thy righteousness.
Tranquil in body, may we who worship thee find rest.
OM…. Peace – peace – peace

Like two birds of golden plumage, inseparable companions, the individual self and the immortal Self are perched on the branches of the selfsame tree.… Read the rest

Soapbox Saturday: Secret Corporate Agenda of TPP, TTIP & TISA

The Three T’s are the treaties being negotiated in secret to override local and national laws designed to protect people. Instead, all the power will go to corporations and multi-national interests.  Forget passing any environmental protection laws or health care reforms, because big business can sue you for taking away their god-given right to profits. … Read the rest

Wild Friday: Fake Faces in Real Time

[HINT: Start at 3:23] Holy shit. We knew things were faked on TV, but now this video shows how you can take the face of anybody: George Bush, Voldemort Putin, anybody, and then use another actor to totally make that face do and say anything they want. … Read the rest