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June 1998

TECH TALK TUESDAY – We have neighbors!

nancy Techie Tues 9-2-97

Or at least planets that are a lot closer than we thought.
Are worlds in space like Polynesian islands, scattered about the galaxy?

Two teams find planet
orbiting nearby star 

by Ron Cowen 

Astronomers this week reported that one of the sun’s nearest neighbors– star just 15 light-years from Earth–possesses a planet at least 1.6 times as massive as Jupiter.

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TECH TALK TUESDAY – Teeny Tiny Machines

nancy Techie Tues 9-2-97

One day soon, most electronic devices could contain micron-size machines called MEMs.
Right now, scientists are building these machines and running them until they break to test them.
Their use may expand and change the electronics industry if they prove reliable.… Read the rest