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February 2009


While travelling and living in Europe, I often bemoaned the fact that the great conversational salons where the intelligencia of the social and artistic world would meet are no more, or perhaps have taken a different shape and scope.

One of my British cousins is a well educated and travelled woman who could have been the center of such a salon (gathering). … Read the rest

The Doomsday Quandary

We faced each other over my “works in progress table.”  The previous night I’d watched several repeat TV shows on 2012, and now I wanted to talk it through.

Pyramids have always fascinated me beginning in Cahokia, Illinois at the famous “Mound City” of the American Indians. … Read the rest

Regina Spektor

Wake up DJ because stepping right onto the black and white checkered floor of success comes the anti-folk, anti-alternative antidote to antipathy: Regina Spektor

Regina Spector

Born in Russia, Spektor’s playful use of language, music and video is like Lori Anderson with occasional odd sounds and intentional grating feelings but mixed in with a sweet ranging vocal essence that is compared to Tori Amos and Fiona Apple and the lyrical work of Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco and Bjork. … Read the rest

→ February 25, 2009

                                                             CRUISES – THE GREATEST WAY TO TRAVEL

                                                                                         By Geri Southern

Unpack once, and your cabin remains with you throughout your trip.  As on land, there are many places to eat on board ship from the main dining room to a pizza parlor, relaxed buffets to ice cream stands. Read the rest

Molecules to the Max

Newswise — It’s something of an understatement to say Shekhar Garde has an eye for detail.

A global leader in his field, Garde works to shed new light on the hidden world of atoms and molecules. Equipped with state-of-the-art advanced imaging, molecular modeling, and computer simulation tools, he is a high-tech archeologist who scrutinizes nanoscale landscapes in search of clues, patterns, and systems that could lead to a better understanding of the most basic building blocks of life.… Read the rest


Very few of us have been in a war zone where we were surrounded by devastation, and fewer have any concept of what steps have to be taken in reconstructing such an area.

The basic format of war has changed often due to internal short events of bombing and combat within the major centers. … Read the rest

Liberal Views (Nudity?)

The “disinhibition” of America is becoming emblematic of our 21st century, with self-revelation rampant on the Internet, an apparently booming porn industry, politicians and public figures being caught in flagrante delicto, and the historic Mardi Gras of New Orleans going bare-breasted in public, says extreme behavior expert Frank Farley, a psychologist at Philadelphia’s Temple University.… Read the rest


From my office desk on Gravier Street in New Orleans, I could hear the sounds of the famous calliope of the Delta Queen as she prepared to leave her dock on the Mississippi and head up stream.

It was always a festive affair from jazz music and banjos to the fantastic sound of the paddlewheel as she began her outward journey. … Read the rest


As I fed my new shredder old tax records, I spent a day watching the Dr. Who tv series, and realized that he’s never, ever had an American companion with him in the Tardus.  Through all ten of the Dr. Who reincarnations, I’ve watched fascinated by the special effects and the fact that none of his travelling companions have fit a mold – black, white, blonde, red haired – it’s great! … Read the rest