I have almost figured out how to use my son’s laptop, and I admit to having glanced at a Blackberry or two and, along with a stare at an IPhone, it ended there.

Thanks to Kate Rice, Executive Editor of  Travel Technology, I found that there’s a new guy on the block – a Netbook.  She likes the pink one, but you have a choice of color, it’s about 2.4 pounds, 10 inches wide and is priced around $250-300.  High tech can be found in metallic colors, 160 GB hard drive and webcam.  The keyboard is smaller than a laptop and the battery life is somewhat limited.

Early versions of Netbook were stripped down models designed to access the Internet and little more.  WiFi enabled, they were an answer to backpackers and students.

The Netbook should, because of its limitations, be considered a second computer and not primary.  Ultimately, with projected improvements and expansion, they could eventually replace the laptop.  In 2007 laptop sales passed desktops.  Who knows where the Netbook is going?