Daily my e-mail averages about 100-122 bits of information from what my daughter calls “dancing elfs” to brain twisters on new tecky developments to gloom and doom.

I’d been watching government members twittering each other from what they had for breakfast to comments on bills before The House.  I’m aware that the President appears to text quite a bit on his Blackberry, but we’re all facing a social media revolution vs. the Industrial Revolution which is almost past tense!

Richard Tucker of CruiseDeals.com recently won a “Shorty Award” from Twitter  followers for engaging travelers and sending out the best travel “tweets”.  There are 26 categories in The Shorty Awards.

Twitter is a privately founded startup with offices in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.  Started as a side project in March, 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time, short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices.

Fortunately, Suzanne Caplan, with whom I work on womenetcetera.com was talking with Michael Angelo Caruso on WMNY 1360 in Pittsburgh today and I learned that Facebook, Linkin.com and Twitter (considered cutting edge)  are “indirect marketing” leaders and excellent sources of networking.  Mr. Caruso stressed discretion in using your own e-mail and suggested a “disposable” e-mail address to avoid hacking.

We’re all on a threshold of boundless growth in social networking and the technology involved.  As Mr. Caruso pointed out, you can have a “technical” book published, and it’s outdated within a year.  He suggests e-books to keep up, and so the world evolves.