When I saw the title of the article, I drew a deep breath.  In Africa, if you’re in a Safari Camp, you lock your door and make sure your windows are closed (if they don’t have protective bars) and listen to the lions roar and the elephants trumphet.

However, this is an eco-resort in Belize, the Machaca Hill Rainforest Canopy Lodge which opened this January.  They are giving guests a gilmpse “into the world of exotic nocturnal animals” with its new after-dark wildlife viewing tours.

I’d been at Treetops in Kenya where we sat on a balcony in ancient movie theatre seats and watch an astonishing collection of wild animals at the water hotel below spotlighted in soft flood lights to which they had become accustomed.

Many years ago, I’d visited Belize at the recommendation of Dr. John Miller who was one of the Flying Doctors’ group that flew into remote areas to provide medical attention.  On a wall in my home are two Mayan replicas I brought back along with memories of the pyramids at Lubaantun.  The Lodge uses the quiet Polaris Ranger vehicles and equipped with night-vision goggles and LED spotlights, local guides uncover night’s mysteries and point out “creatures with nocturnal tendencies”  These include the kinkajou (honey bear), tapir, jaguar and more.

Set in 11,000 acres the lodge is at Laughing Falcon Nature Preserve, so you’re right in the midst of the action at all times.  Each of the resort’s 12 treehouse lodges have floor to ceiling windows, so you’re sure to see howler monkeys, toucans and iguanas.

This location provides many ecotours.  The nearby Caribbean Sea provides diving and snorkeling, regular fishing and fly fishing.  It’s an all-inclusive resort with meals and adventure included.  See you there!