Years ago I almost arm-wrestled with someone at a check point in the Caribbean who wanted to put my camera (with half-used film inside) through an X-ray.  I’d seen too many developed pictures turn into ghosts!

Now, it’s laptops.  Mine is left at home, but there are, on the horizon, “Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bags,” ( approved for X-ray screening, allowing you to keep laptops in your bag by going through checkpoints.  These new bags are expected to be on the market before the end of the year.

A staggering 12,000 laptops go lost or missing at U. S. airports every week!  Almost 70% of these are not reclaimed (per study by Dell and the Poneman Institute).

These new cases either have a separate fold-down section in a bigger case, or a stand-alone sleeve with no extra clutter.  The Transportation Security Admnistration (TSA) has been working with both Pathfinder Luggage and Targus (, but won’t certify or approve either company.

Pathfinder prices will start agt $49.99, and Targus’ price tag will run around $39.00 for the basic model and $100.00 for a “corporate series”.

Frequent travelers may be interested in signing up for the Clear Registered Traveler program.  Clear’s first year price tag is $100.00, plus the TSA vetting fee of $28.00 or $128.00 total.  The company claims the card-carrying members will have access  to designated airport security “fast lanes” nationwide ( with a whole less hassle.

Time will tell.