My second trip to Germany began in Munich and we “bussed” our way through Bavaria, taking in Salzburg, Austria and visiting Oberammergau, Germany.

I was fascinated by the charming paintings on the sides of the buildings, but most of all by the residents – men growing beards and women with magnificent long hair.  The Passion Play was only a month away, and you could feel the excitement building.  I wished we could have stayed longer as the Passion Play is held only once every ten years.

This is one of Europe’s most unique events, the fulfillment of a promise made in 1633 and faithfully preserved for centuries.  A play of life and death, promised in a moment of mortal threat.  In the midst of the 30 years’ war, after months of suffering and death from the plague, the townspeople swore an oath that they would perform the “Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ” every ten years.  2010 will mark the 41st year’s performance.

More than 2,000 actors, singers, instrumentalists and stage technicians will portray the events Christians regard as their central source of life and hope.  Obviously, the tickets for this world famous event sell fast, and one of the main tour operators who has provided tours for years, does have some tickets.  It is a moving experience one will remember long afterward.