Elvis Fights Soul-Sucking Mummy in East Texas Nursing Home!

Hello, dear readers! I’m back with the Daily Revolution after an extended absence of something like ten years, and I don’t think my old stories are in the archives (yet), so we’ll just start fresh. I’ve read a whole lot of books, watched tons of movies, and listened to a lot of music in that time period, and I thought I might throw a few of the more interesting ones out into the ether. Let me know if you like any of them; also, feel free to send ideas, suggestions, and comments.

P.D. James is one of my all-time favorite authors. She specializes in very British mysteries, although some of you might know the film adaptation of her science fiction novel Children of Men. James is a stunning writer; her attention to plot is unparalleled, and she has an uncanny ability to render even the most unpleasant characters in a relatable and almost sympathetic way. The general ghettoization of genre fiction has long enraged me: P.D. James is not a great mystery writer; she’s a great writer, period. My English Lit degree backs me up on this one! James’ latest book, The Private Patient, was released in November 2008; I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Although more of a Worldly Wednesday kind of guy, geneticist and author Bryan Sykes has a number of great books out there that explore human genetic mysteries in lucid and fascinating detail. Look especially for The Seven Daughters of Eve; Adam’s Curse: A Future without Men; and Saxons, Vikings and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland.

Bubba Ho-Tep, a film released in 2002, based on a Joe R. Lansdale short story, and starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis, was a revelation – a weird one, certainly, but still! It’s nominally science fiction, or fantasy, or horror, or comedy, or – something, centered on the aging Elvis Presley, stuck in an east Texas nursing home and trying to fight off a soul-sucking mummy with the aid of JFK. Who is, umm, black. If all that doesn’t scare you off, go find it!

For music, I must admit that I’ve hit that age where my brain seems to no longer have room for new stuff – certainly not for new lyrics! If you could eavesdrop on my house, you’d hear a lot of old blues (I adore Howlin’ Wolf) and, embarrassingly, 80s bands like Def Leppard. I do adore the current British group Arctic Monkeys, though. Anything I should give a listen?

Finally, I enjoy the work of Canadian artists Billy Mavreas and his brother John Mavreas, from whom I will try to get some original work to show on this site.

That’s it for now; just remember, you can never drink in too much art!