Retro Postcard Art

Everything old is new again – or at least has a shot at renewed popularity. Music, fashion, even politics can jump out and surprise us twenty years after we thought they were gone for good. We can include art in this category. Retro advertisements and travel posters flood online art warehouses such as Today I would like to share a selection of retro postcards, and arbitrarily (because I’m the decider!), I’ve chosen a selection from my old hometown York, Maine.


Everyplace that’s anyplace has one of these postcards, the traditional “Greetings From…” York, located on the southern Maine coast, has long been a summer tourist destination, especially for Canadians, who have no idea that the 65’F water temperature is not, in fact, warm.


Long Sands is one of three major beaches in York (the other two are Short Sands and York Harbor), and by the far the biggest and most popular. I used to live across the street from Long Sands. It’s congested in the summer, and surreal in the winter – have you ever seen snow on a sandy beach?


Nubble Light is located to the north of Long Sands, off Cape Neddick. I just found out that its official name is Cape Neddick Lighthouse. No local would ever call it that. That would be wicked stupid, ayuh.


The Isles of Shoals are a group of small islands about ten miles off the coast at the Maine/New Hampshire border. This old hotel, on Star Island, is no longer open to tourists, unfortunately.


The site of several sea disasters, Boon Island Light is located about six miles off Long Sands, and is clearly visible (as are the Isles of Shoals, further to the south) from the beach.
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Suddenly I feel like taking a trip Downeast…


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