Stripped Down and Dismantled: A Peek into E-Waste Recycling

GoodCleanTech reports:

“So, you sent a few of your old gadgets for recycling and feel that you helped make the world a better place in your own little way. Hopefully, you’ve been following our recycling tips and our recent recycling superguide so your old electronics don’t wind up in landfills in developing countries. If you sent your old gadgets to certified recycling projects, they would most probably end up in a facility such as one in the picture on the left. Wired has recently posted a photo essay of how electronics are processed and recycled in one of Sims Recycling Solutions’ facilities. Browsing through the pics, you’ll get a general idea of how works dismantle devices to search for valuable, reusable materials and to dispose of hazardous wastes with heavy metal components before being shred. After shredding, the components are separated and then categorized, with those containing toxic materials to be sent for incineration. Overall, the slew of pictures posted could give you a general overview of how things are done in recycling centers. Last August, MIT’s Tech Review also posted a photo essay of a recycling facility that focuses on cell phones.”