My son, Charlie, hadn’t mentioned Mars in a while.  I knew that it was only a matter of time…

“Mom, about Mars…”  I got comfortable on the sofa and listened.  “Mars got hit by something a billion years ago, before life really had a chace to evolve.  Plus, Mars is further from the sun and photosynthesis evolution would have taken longer than earth.”

“Charlie, are you throwing my concept of life on Mars out?”  I began to panic.

“No!  The very slim possibility is that Mars was once closer to the sun eons ago before being knocked further away from the sun.  It’s also possible that before Mars got hit, it was oceanic.”

Okay, that made sense to me.  “So you agree that there was water on Mars?”

“Yes.  It’s obvious to me that water covered at least half of the planet when it was hit by a larger meteor.  Pushed away from the sun, it gradually went into the ice age from which it never recovered.  As water evaporated into space, it picked up two asteroids from the asteroid belt (or possibly one of the moons)…a remanant of the destruction of Mars.”

“And life, what about life?” I asked.  His reply was quick, “If life existed, it went underground with the remaining water.  Slowly, it evolved in underground caverns and pools.  Let’s just say intelligence found a way as life strives for existence universally to develop as a society underground out of detection so far.  In my opinion, they would either have very large eyes, or none at all.”

My mind filled with pictures of supposed aliens – no eyes.  Charlie had my attention.  “Quite possibly, ” he continued, “they could be amphibious to navigate underwater passageways.  Then, large eyes for low light would be  accompanied by sonar-type abilities like bass sending out high frequency squeaks to navigate caves.”

He’d outdone himself.  I needed to do research, and I tried to remember who I knew at NASA that might be able to get me on a quick, round-trip to Mars for Round 3.  I smiled, “Could we talk more, later…maybe?”