There’s a “new cutie” at called a PoGo Instant Mobile Printer which will print wallet size pics on a portable printer by Polaroid – price tag around $100.00.

Have you heard about SNAGIT which allows you to take a “snapshot” of anything on your PC screen, from a specific section to the entire screen according to “Gadget Girl”, Penny Rudicil.  You can click and “snag” exactly what you need.  In order to rotate or combine images, use the editing which will also allow you to crop.  Once the images are saved, you can import them into other projects like a Power Point presentation, an e-mail or Word document.

An upstart in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) area, so popularized by Skype as well as by other companies such as Vonage and Vodaphone, is magicJack ( which enables you to access the Internet over your land-line telephone as well as on your computer.  The magicJack device, which looks like a large thumb drive, connects to your computer’s USB port.  At the other end of the device is a standard jack that connects to your phone.  The device loads its software into your computer (it’s Windows and Mac Intel compatible), and you can then talk online over your landline.  On the road, you can plug the device  into your computer, pop on a headset and get a dial tone.  You can also buy international service.  But,  it doesn’t just let you talk online affordably, it allows you to forward your home voice-mails to your e-mail – just click the e-mail and listen to the message.