People who travel often complain about the hassle and additional weight in baggage when they have to lug adapters and betteries for portable iPods and iPhone speakers.  Griffin Technology heard that, and introduced the new Aircurve acoustic iPhone amplifier.  At 4.7 ounces, this clear box works with the phone’s speaker, pushing the sound through a coil-shaped amplifying chamber and juicing it up around 10 decibels in the process.  Get more information from

I found a watch I want, but it’s an “adventure” watch for Alpha Males.  They call it a “Compass Watch for Budding MacGyvers”.  It’s a TIMEX EXPEDITION E.TIDE TEMP COMPASS, and it reveals everything from the direction to the rise and fall of tides.  Check out

What’s a “Headphone Splitter for Media Unity”.  You can share video and music with this five socket splitter, compatible with all MP3 and DVD players.  See www.flight001.c0m.

I’m fascinated by the so-called upstart in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) arena, so popularized by Skype as well as by other companies such as Vonage and Vodaphone,  magicJack (, which enables you to access the Internet over your land-line telephone as well as your computer.  The magicJack device, which looks like a large thumb drive, connects to your computer’s USB port.  At the other end of the device is a standard jack that connects to your phone.  The device loads the software into your computer (it’s Widows and Mack Intel compatible) and you can then talk online over your landline.  On the road, you can plug the device into your computer, pop on a headset and get a dial tone.  You can also buy international service, but it doesn’t just let you talk online affordably, it allows you to forward your home voice-mails to your e-mail – just click the e-mail and listen to the message.