That 70s Lifestyle

Following on yesterday’s Milky Way deliciousness, we have a fab study from BBC World News: a 1970s-type lifestyle is better for the planet. Woo hoo! Is there anyone for whom this is not welcome news? Well, I am happy, anyway! According to the article:

Professor Alan Maryon-Davis, president of the Faculty of Public Health said shifting the population weight distribution back to that of the 1970s would do quite a lot to help the planet. “In the 1970s we had bigger portions of vegetables and smaller portions of meat and there’s been a shift in the amount of exercise we do. All these things are combining to hurt the planet and this is a calculation that deserves a bit more attention,” he said.


I talked about this with my great friend Lori, who wondered whether disco dancing might have also had a benefit, compared to today’s Xbox and even Wii, not to mention email, cell phones and texting, and Twittering (I am personally the anti-Tweet). I could never give up my WiFi laptop, parked conveniently in front of 250+ satellite channels, and just fifteen feet from the refrigerator – which, come to think of it, may have something to do with the size of my…anatomy. Jeez, where’s Thelma Houston when I need her? Oh yeah – YouTube.

So who says you can’t go home again? That’s why we have Nick at Night, and YouTube, and a million satellite channels of old music, not to mention a thousand more choices in the produce section of the grocery store than we ever had when I was a kid. Should we take advantage? Should we let our hair go wild, and slip into bellbottoms or hot pants, tune into the Brady Bunch or Partridge Family and just let it all hang out?

Si, se puede!

And have I got a song for you…