Sunday Morning

Ah, Sunday morning. It’s a great time to relax with a cup of coffee, maybe do a crossword puzzle…I’m terrible at crossword puzzles, but I did love the documentary about crossword puzzle fanatics that came out a few years ago, Wordplay.

I’ve heard they are always hardest on Sundays, but I wouldn’t know – for me, they are always hard. Try the New York Times.


Apparently doing things like crossword puzzles can help keep you sharp – and stave off Alzheimer’s disease – which is always a good thing. Or, you might try surfing the internet, which may increase brain function as well.

“Pursuing activities that keep the mind engaged may help preserve brain health and cognitive ability. Traditionally, these include games such as crossword puzzles, but with the advent of technology, scientists are beginning to assess the influence of computer use — including the Internet.”

Other studies show that coffee improves brain performance and may also protect against dimentia. Drinking coffee may even help prolong your life.

So you can kick back and enjoy that cup of coffee along with your crossword or internet surfing, knowing that what you are doing is good for your body and mind.

For more on the many benefits of coffee, see