Florida Beaches Among the Trashiest

The beaches. They’re one of the reasons you love Florida, right? Well, according to the latest report by the Ocean Conservancy, the Sunshine State actually has the third-trashiest beaches in the nation, behind only California and North Carolina. Last year, volunteers picked up 676,816 items from the state’s coastal areas. Here’s a snapshot of some of the things the environmental group, which sponsored a worldwide cleanup effort in September, found littering Florida’s beaches.

223,777 Smoking-related items (cigarettes, lighters, cigars, tobacco packaging, etc.)

116,835 Beverage containers (plastic, glass and cans)

53,712 Bags (11,336 paper and 42,376 plastic)

11,039 Large objects (refrigerators, cars, building materials, etc.)

6,078 Toys

4,404 Balloons

Read the rest of the report at the Ocean Conservancy web site.