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April 2009, Page 2


When I heard that the TV program “The Highlander” was to be shown again, I couldn’t have been more pleased.  I could visit the Seine where the Highlander’s boat was moored (across from Notre Dame), and I’d wander along the waterfront visiting the artists and the stamp collectors there.… Read the rest


There’s a “new cutie” at called a PoGo Instant Mobile Printer which will print wallet size pics on a portable printer by Polaroid – price tag around $100.00.

Have you heard about SNAGIT which allows you to take a “snapshot” of anything on your PC screen, from a specific section to the entire screen according to “Gadget Girl”, Penny Rudicil. … Read the rest


As I flew out of New Orleans after the holidays this year, I looked down on the bayous that border what’s known mainly as the 9th Ward.  Having lived in New Orleans and Metairie (a suburb) we all knew how low the 9th Ward was, and that when there was a severe enough storm (considering that Lake Pontchartrain is like a saucer) it would flood big time. … Read the rest

Mr. Van Jones Goes To Washington

van_jones_e_blastGreen job advocate Van Jones has been added to the Obama economic team and he says his new job entails “creating new policies going forward and trying to make sure as we design new policies that we build in smart ideas.”… Read the rest

Trains Are Cool

I feel compelled to follow up on our wonderful Editor’s April 6th column on trains. I am thrilled to hear about the cash infusion for Amtrak. Rail travel is much greener than flying; it is also simpler, more relaxed, and far more beautiful.… Read the rest


My son, Charlie, hadn’t mentioned Mars in a while.  I knew that it was only a matter of time…

“Mom, about Mars…”  I got comfortable on the sofa and listened.  “Mars got hit by something a billion years ago, before life really had a chace to evolve. … Read the rest

John Mavreas – Part 1

My long-time friend John Mavreas, a multi-talented artist from Montreal, Canada, has kindly agreed to share his art and his insight with the Daily Revolution. John works in a variety of mediums and genres, from oil painting to rock concert posters to comic book illustration.… Read the rest


Several yeas ago, while working in a travel agency, I became aware of an outside travel representative who, several times a year, visited Europe with her husband and family.  They were often gone a month, but made no other reservations except airfare.… Read the rest


From the time that I was a baby and my parents carried me on board the Trans-Canada train in the 1930’s so that I could meet my grandfather, Charles St. Lawrence Mackintosh in Vancouver, BC I’ve loved trains.  My great great grandfather, Sir Hugh Allan had, after all, helped to get the railroad across Canada.… Read the rest

Play More / Happy 50th, Little People!

I will be visiting my sister’s beautiful family this summer (New Mexico to Chicago, IL to New Hampshire via Amtrak), and am already anticipating days of fun with my four-year-old nephew and two-year-old niece. That in turn made me think of how we grown-ups play.… Read the rest


Since I’m a senior and now live alone, my daughter in Louisiana worried that I wasn’t getting a hot meal every day, and suggested that I find out about some of the food ministries in my area.

And so began a new learning experience. … Read the rest

The End of American Slavery?

Kidnapped, imprisoned, shackled, transported across the ocean stacked like cargo, sold into slavery, tortured, raped, murdered,. That list is just a preliminary survey of the atrocities against the people of Africa, ancestors to many current citizens of the United States of America.… Read the rest

Retro Postcard Art

Everything old is new again – or at least has a shot at renewed popularity. Music, fashion, even politics can jump out and surprise us twenty years after we thought they were gone for good. We can include art in this category.… Read the rest


According to the Ecnomist Magazine over 2 million visitors came to Costa Rica in 2008 and, tourist-wise, they rate Costa Rica higher than all Central American destinations.

Since my first visit, almost 8 years ago, the number of luxury resorts, condos and town homes built for investment by foreign visitors, has soared. … Read the rest