Finally I figured it out.  Over the years I’ve attended sales and marketing seminars.  Advertising companies’ battle cry has been, “If the public doesn’t need it, create the need!”

And so they instilled within our brains, young and old alike, the need and desire for cereal that tastes like candy, products that make us attractive or smell better, detergents that make our clothes brighter or retain their color and shape longer, lawns that grow greener and make our neighbors envious.

Beyond that, they offer us credit cards with our picture or the picture of our cat on them, plus they offer “special rewards” for using the cards at specific retailers.  The cards come in platinum, gold and silver.  Who can resist?

A long time ago I heard about “subliminal”  advertising being outlawed…certain messages were being implanted in advertising on TV.  And yet, I look around me at products I’ve purchased because my brain said “You may not realize it, but you really need this.”

Of course the credit card companies made it easy!  On radio there are the soft voices selling  CDs.  Have you noticed that advertising firms aren’t taking Chapter II?  They aren’t asking the government for a bail out!  So, stop blaming America for its spending spree…put the blame where it belongs.