Free Books Online

The web can be a valuable resource for just about anything, and literature is no exception. There are multiple websites where you can find free books to read online, download, listen to, or even use on a portable reading device. Following are some of the major outlets.


Project Gutenberg is the oldest digital library. Started by Michael Hart in 1971, the original PG lived on one of the fifteen computers that eventually became the internet. PG currently offers over 28,000 free books.

Wikibooks is a collection of free textbooks in a wide variety of academic areas, and features as diverse as a cookbook, nonfiction for children, and a “random book” button.

Munseys offers downloadable books in a multitude of categories for various portable reading devices.

Baen Books publishes science fiction and offers some of its titles for free, to read online or download. has a wide variety of downloadable audio books.

There really is something for everyone…


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