World’s Best Beaches

The Guardian recently published an article about the world’s best beaches from various experts and locals. Their choices range around the world from Hawaii to Australia to the Caribbean, Cornwall, and Scotland.


I have been to countless beautiful beaches in my life. I have visited various coastal spots in the United States, as well as Mexico (Mazatlan, Cancun, Tulum, and Cozumel) and the Caribbean area (Bahamas and U.S. Virgin Islands). But despite the icy water and summer overcrowding, my favorite beaches are those in my home state, Maine. Boothbay Harbor is gorgeous. Ogunquit features some of the best sandy stretches on the coast. But I always go back to York Beach.

Most of us carry some amount of nostalgia for our childhood homes. I am uplifted by the harsh salt tang in the air, the punishing breezes and shrieking gulls and dark, glittering water that sends the sun’s dazzling rays straight into my eyes. I can wander along Long Sands for hours, or frolic in the tiny shelter of York Harbor. But Short Sands, with its summer skeeball and old cliffside hotels and homemade fudge in nearby shops, cannot be topped.


If you get a chance, visit sometime. And tell them I sent you because it’s wicked cool.