Finding Cheesus

While people have been seeing visions of Jesus Christ all around the world for probably thousands of years, only recently have people started finding images of Jesus in Cheetos. Two different little Jesus-shaped cheetos, called “Cheesus” have been found, one in Texas and one in Missouri.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether these people are serious or not. When I looked up “Cheesus” I found this great site for “Cheesus Industries, International distributor of premium quality, religious-themed cheese sculptures.” But I couldn’t figure out how to order my own personal Cheesus, or the Gouda Buddha.

Sometimes it is obviously a joke, as in the “uncyclopedia” entry about Cheesus. Other times, the line is not so clear between joking and complete irreverance, as with the line of cosmetics called “Lookin’ Good For Jesus,” whose products were pulled from the shelves in Singapore because they were offensive to some people. The products claim to “redeem you in his eyes and take the edge off sinning.”

I’ve got to say it; it all sounds pretty cheesy to me.