Human Photosynthesis

Ah, sunshine. Spending a day outside in the sun can make you feel really good, but too much can be painful. However, some studies show that the health benefits of sunshine, getting enough vitamin D, outweigh the skin cancer risks, and may even help you to live longer. Not only that, but vitamin D has shown to be helpful with depression.

Plants use sunlight to make their own food, in the process known as photosynthesis. But can humans live on light and air alone? Breatharians believe that they can. Members of the Breatharian Institute of America claim to be able to exist without food and water. This practice was known to some in India thousands of years ago, and Hira Ratan Marek claims to be able to literally live on the energy of the sun using these ancient practices.

Research does seem to show that we need at least some sunshine for our mental and physical health. But as I watch the new sprouts coming up in my garden, I think it’s going to take a long time for humans to be able to do that successfully. Let’s not give up food just yet.