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July 2009


Whenever I think I’ve lost my “edge” my son, Charlie, updates me!  He referred to Mind Before Matter as a “super cool book”.  Written by doctorate holders telling their stories from four different perspectives: science, philosophy, PSI (parapsychological phenomena) and communion.… Read the rest


Just the thought of flying trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific exhausts me!  Los Angeles to Kuala Lampur (affectionately known as “KL”), New York-Cairo.  The most prominent competitive edge for any airline is service and cabin comfort.

Japan Airlines (JAL) recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Los Angeles to Tokyo service. … Read the rest

The Tocobaga Bargain

Journey back in time to the days of the Tocobaga, native peoples of Tampa Bay and learn the secret of a spirit that protects Tampa Bay from tropical Storms.  Written and directed by Dewey Davis-Thompson and produced by SoundStage Radio Theatre at WMNF studios in Tampa, The Tocobaga Bargain is available for your listening pleasure at the SoundStage web site.… Read the rest


There comes a time when your sight is getting “foggy”.  Working on a computer is a chore, and reading glasses don’t help.  At my annual eye examination I was told that I had cataracts.  The procedure would be that my first eye would be operated on, and one week later the second eye.… Read the rest


When I gave up the illusion that I am a normal human being, I became a seeker of truth and why things are often not what they seem.  Christmas Humphrey’s concept of Zen Buddhism was at first, difficult to comprehend.  It took a while to learn how to visualize a plain, white wall and clear my mind.… Read the rest


As a child, I went through the Panama Canal with my parents.  It was busy with ships from many parts of the world, making room for our ship of  The Red Star Line.

Now, I feel that I must return.  The Panama Canal is being expanded to almost twice its width, update and preapred for a new world of the 2000’s. … Read the rest

A Letter to President Obama

34 Nobel winners write Obama about lack of support for energy R&D in climate/energy bill.
This letter was sent to the White House on July 16:

The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr.

Read the rest

Liberal Views (Nudity)

The “disinhibition” of America is becoming emblematic of our 21st century, with self-revelation rampant on the Internet, an apparently booming porn industry, politicians and public figures being caught in flagrante delicto, and the historic Mardi Gras of New Orleans going bare-breasted in public, says extreme behavior expert Frank Farley, a psychologist at Philadelphia’s Temple University.… Read the rest


My mother explained, shortly after I began to walk, that I was hatched and not born.  She left it at that, and throughout my life I never questioned it.  However, to some extent it explains the life I’ve led, and an almost insatiable desire to learn and absorb all I experienced.… Read the rest

Women Avoid Science Careers

Newswise — Women tend to choose non-math-intensive fields for their careers — not because they lack mathematical ability, but because they want flexibility to raise children or prefer less math-intensive fields of science, reports a new Cornell study.

“A major reason explaining why women are underrepresented not only in math-intensive fields but also in senior leadership positions in most fields is that many women choose to have children, and the timing of child rearing coincides with the most demanding periods of their career, such as trying to get tenure or working exorbitant hours to get promoted,” said lead author Stephen J.… Read the rest

Life BEYOND Mars?

Daniel P. Glavin, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, says the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our solar system is not limited to Mars; other “habitable” worlds might exist including the icy Moons of Jupiter and Saturn, known as Europa and Enceladus.… Read the rest

Loggerheads at Risk

Newswise — They survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. They’re descendants of one of the oldest family trees in history, spanning 100 million years. But today leatherback turtles, the most widely distributed reptiles on Earth, are threatened with extinction themselves, in large part due to the carelessness of humans.… Read the rest