Throughout April when the Travel Alert was issued April 28 and revised May 8, the world became aware of the 2009-H1N1 influenza.  “Flu” has been with us for a long time under various names.  My great grandfather and aunt died in Quebec City in the late 1800’s epidemic.

The Department of State warned U. S. Citizens not to travel to Mexico in April, and those already in Mexico should return home at once.  Schools and commercial venues in Mexico closed.  They reopened on May 7th and 11th.  By the end of May, most museums, bars, discos, night clubs, movie theatres and convention centers were up and running.

Consider what happened to Mexico’s tourism industry which helps to support much of the population directly and indirectly.  Their “tourism stimulus package” initially cost approximately $165 million dollars.  The World Health Organization is not restricting travel, and noted that it’s unfair to accuse Mexico for overreacting.

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