Anonymous Speaks Up

This summer the mysterious group known as Anonymous issued a video to the world officially declaring war on the system and appealing in staccato robot voice “you are the revolution.”  Clad in a mantel (sic) of crusty, dusty aphorisms and recycled visuals this video nevertheless has a tight graphic design and a message targeting malcontents everywhere.

But really, Guy Fawkes as worn by Natalie Portman and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as mascots? I suppose if you are an amorphous, faceless group you need to steal from history and pop culture, but it could certainly be conceived with a more sophisticated anthropoligical vocabulary. Since then any number of YouTube videos, discussions at places like Shroomery and news reports like this one on FBI arrests of 16 Anonymously inspired hackers have given a substance to what was previously mere recycled political rhetoric.  Reaching out to offer a semblance of belonging to otherwise disaffected but talented people, Anonymous encourages them to step out and act on behalf of their message.

Who is behind this movement, calling on all hackers to take action? Clearly, it is somebody who wishes to remain robotically anonymous.