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November 2012


Dear Thirstiest,

I give thanks for:


moonlight (but not moonshine)










(especially hot running water)

bright spirits who repudiate annihilation

damn good food









Ever yours,


PS -not ever necessarily complete, or in that order, but most especially today.… Read the rest

The Corals Cry Out for Help!

Corals under attack by toxic seaweed do what anyone might do when threatened – they call for help. A study to be reported this week in the journal Science shows that threatened corals send signals to fish “bodyguards” that quickly respond to trim back the noxious alga – which can kill the coral if not promptly removed.… Read the rest

The Mighty Pen

Today we appreciate the artistic license and wit of Kahlil Bendib, cartoonist.  Here are two recent cartoons, and there are plenty more at his web site.


Wikipedia: Bendib now distributes his political cartoons independently to alternative media outlets outside of the corporate mainstream media.

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Juice News: Big Brother WWWatches You

With his unparalleled musical stylings, Robert Foster takes on the rise of the surveillance state. Will the Internet remain the one place where humanity can express itself free of filters and barriers? Or will it become the greatest spying machine ever imagined?… Read the rest

Across the Free Space

Dear Thirsty,

Discovering 17th century semaphores used by Napoleon to build his empire was the first web hole I clicked into while searching for a nugget or two of intelligence on all things cool and beautiful in audio to bring you.… Read the rest

A Networked Super-Corporation Rules the World

A University of Zurich study reported that a small group of companies—mainly banks—wields huge power over the global economy. The study is the first to look at all 43,060 transnational corporations and the web of ownership among them. The researchers’ network analysis identified 147 companies that form a “super entity,” controlling 40 percent of the global economy’s total wealth.… Read the rest

Dangers of Everyday Tech

Project Censored reports:

Recent research raises compelling concerns about two commonplace technologies, cellular phones and microwave ovens. Heavy, long-term exposure to cell phone radiation increases risks for certain types of cancer, including leukemia, and in males impairs sperm production. Prenatal exposure to cell phone radiation has been shown to produce blood-brain barrier leakage, and brain, liver, and eye damage.

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Oceans in Peril

Project Censored has issued the Top 25 Censored Stories of the Year, and at #2 is “Oceans in Peril.”

We thought the sea was infinite and inexhaustible. It is not. The overall rise in ocean temperature has led to the largest movement of marine species in two to three million years, according to scientists from the Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystems Research project.

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Sacred Knowledge in Plain Sight

Have you ever wondered about the odd statues, symbols and architecture in Washington DC and other cities and places around the world? Sacred knowledge is presented and preserved in buildings and designs – if you know what you are looking at!  … Read the rest

Fukushima Facts

What’s really going on in that battered reactor in the Pacific?  Find out in this interview with Veterans Corps of Fukushima; and Cecile Pineda, author of the the new book Devil’s Tango.

During the second half of the show we will interview Dan Sythe CEO, International Medcom, currently working with Japan to monitor the spreading fukushima radiation; and Brian Covert author of chapter 14 in Censored 2013 “On the Road to Fukushima—the Unreported Story.”

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Magdeburg Water Bridge

The Incredible Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany

The Magdeburg Water Bridge is a navigable aqueduct in Germany that connects the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittelland Canal , and allows ships to cross over the Elbe River . At 918 meters, it is the longest navigable aqueduct in the world.… Read the rest