Today’s Date:

Just in case you woke up this morning, surprised that the world was still there, I have provided you with today’s Mayan calendar date below, compliments of Star Root.

Look closely at the “heads” on the right, stacked up like a totem pole or stelae.  You will notice, of course, that the baktun, katun, tun and winal positions (the top three “heads” are all proceeded by a zero (the sideways “flower”).    The bottom “head” is Kin and the dot in front means the first day of Kin… basically.

So today is figured in the Long Count as  – and clearly this signifies more of a beginning than an ending.  Sort of the most incredible New Years of all.  Forget the second millennium, we lived through the Long Count!  What is YOUR resolution for the next 14,000 years?