Life on Mars or Staged Media Event?

The Dutch, always great explorers, are sending humanity to Mars.  They call it  “A media spectacle!”  Mars One will be such a big deal that “the whole world will want to watch and be a part of it!”  You can begin right now with this introductory video:

But be warned! Some people say the whole thing will be just as staged as the moon landings.  And remember how quickly that rabid interest faded for Apollo? After the big “first man on the moon” show, well … it got boring.

Dewey on Mars
I visited Mars in 1997.
One would think a cast of characters trapped forever in a habitat together could make for some riveting real-world drama.  But not so much, says ScrapeTV  analyst Dr. Howard Poe in this article about the Mars 500 project – a $10 million project, was funded by the European Space Agency and Russian Institute for Biomedical Problems.  “Basically it just locked six men in a room with very little to do other than get on each other’s nerves for 17 months. ” The room held three Russian, one Italian, one Chinese, and one French astronauts for 520 days.  The end result was “BORING!”

Maybe the cameras in every crevice of the Mars One colony will reveal a colonist gone crazy, admitting the whole thing is being staged in an underground base in Australia, and the Martian landscape is  just CGI over the urdera.

Or maybe – just maybe – you could apply to become an astronaut and actually go to Mars!  Spoof or sporata? Either way, that is definitely  a Wild Friday.