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March 2013

Manly P Hall Quote

We have been made gardeners in a beautiful garden, and we have let it go to weed. We have been given a beautiful planet, and we have subdivided it and sold it for profits. The original purpose was that we should become a wonderful group of human beings working together for the good of each other and the glory of our universe.

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Cher Lloyd Illuminati Priestess?

Our resident conspiracist Dr. Don Von Ikken has written this analysis of the meteoric career of another pop star.

Well, as predicted by the messageboards on David Icke it did not take long for British XFactor baby-darling Cher Lloyd to flash requisite Illuminati hand signs once she was signed by presumed Illuminati front man Jay-Z.… Read the rest

Digiphrenic Ping-Chasing Slaves?

Are you a slave to technology?  Has it taken over your life and redefined your attention span? You may suffer from the timeless agony of “present shock” or perhaps just a little digiphrenia.

In his new book Douglas Rushkoff  says it’s time for people to stop chasing every ping and start using technology in a way that makes us feel more free.… Read the rest

Will Fungi Replace Plastics?

Forget 3D printing, how about Fungi-Forms?

Fungi, with the exception certain mushrooms, tend to be something we associate with moldy bread or dank-smelling mildew. But they really deserve more respect! Fungi have fantastic capabilities and can be grown, under certain circumstances, in almost any shape and be totally biodegradable.… Read the rest

Luke’s Change: Death Star False Flag?

I knew it! I just knew it!
Sooner or later a mashup of Star Wars and the 911 Truthers would appear. And this well-done lampoon of the Loose Change documentary is called Luke’s Change. And rather than debunk any 911 theories, this seems to call Star Wars truths into question – much like the prequels and Clone Wars did.… Read the rest

Chicken Scratching to Oz

Has the new Oz movie inspired you to read  the originals?  There’s more to this story than an MGM musical can cover – dozens of books in fact.  Or maybe you even dream of writing up your own world of words to top  Baum, Lucas or Heinlein?  … Read the rest

A Green Small Business

Here’s a long term investment that is good for the environment too! My friend Crystal inherited some land, a bit steep for farming, but the USDA farm service still helped her out with anti-erosion plantings.
“I have 32 acres. Planted 30 of them.… Read the rest

Green Means Good – Even When It Doesn’t

Green calorie labels may lead people to see nutrition-poor foods in a healthier light.

A Cornell researcher says in the current issue of the journal Health Communication that consumers are more likely to perceive a candy bar as more healthful when it has a green calorie label compared with when it had a red one – even though the number of calories are the same.… Read the rest

Community Hero Dana Pounds

On March 14th, the Bolts honored Dana Pounds as a Lightning Community Hero. Dana was awarded a $50,000 grant to the charity of her choice, which she gave to Nature’s Academy and The Sustany Foundation.From the press release:

The Tampa Bay Lightning honored Dana Pounds as the 29th Lightning Community Hero of the year during the first period of tonight’s game against the New York Islanders.

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Cryptic Clams Hiding in Plain View

ANN ARBOR— Cryptic comments seem to have an ambiguous, obscure or hidden meaning. In biology, cryptic species are outwardly indistinguishable groups whose differences are hidden inside their genes.

Two University of Michigan marine biologists have identified three cryptic species of tiny clams, long believed to be members of the same species, which have been hiding in plain view along the rocky shores of southern Australia for millions of years.… Read the rest