Cher Lloyd Illuminati Priestess?

Cher Lloyd sits in it
Cher Lloyd sits on it

Our resident conspiracist Dr. Don Von Ikken has written this analysis of the meteoric career of another pop star.

Well, as predicted by the messageboards on David Icke it did not take long for British XFactor baby-darling Cher Lloyd to flash requisite Illuminati hand signs once she was signed by presumed Illuminati front man Jay-Z. In fact, her latest video for the song With Ur Love – custom made for the American market – totally gushes with the billionaire-sex-magic hinted at by Tom Cruise and Stanley Kubric in   Eyes Wide Shut.

But first, the predictions.

Kiwimaj said “Just look at how rhianna has mutated in the last few years, watch out for another mutated, abused zombie before long.” Compare Pon de Replay to Russian Roulette for an idea. And here is Velma’s 2010 prediction:

Roc Nation will turn this naïve young girl into a vampire/goth/hoe/clone and watch her making “Baphomet signs” for the paycheck. She said she would be a millionaire in a year, she will, but at the cost of her soul, sanity, peace of mind and happiness.

Et voila:

But a closer look is even more frightening to those who believe a Satanic conspiracy rules Hollywood, the music industry and of course all big business and governments … and the United Nations, Catholic Church and all Secret Agencies and Societies.  I know, it sounds like a big impossible thing, but if they have been working on it since 1776 in Bavaria and the New World, well …