3D Printed Guns

Grandma called to tell me she killed a spider, because she knows I would have put it outside.  I am that kind of live and let live kind of guy. So I am no fan of guns. But as this video on 3D printing shows, there is really no way to keep people away from weapons.

Therefore the only reasoned approach to gun violence is to address the mental and social ills that make people crazy.  Ever since we closed the looney bins in the 1970s crazy folk walk the streets – but wackos also go untreated or mistreated by mainstream psychopharma. Then start adding violence-loving media and a culture that spends trillions every year on war and you can maybe begin to see why it’s not the 3D printers we should fear, but rather them there gun-totin’ kooks!

via 3D Printed Guns Documentary – YouTube.