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May 2013

But I Don’t Wanna Be The Bad Guy!

Seems Star Wars wants you to identify with the faceless soldiers shooting at Luke and Leia. First a sympathetic Darth Vader – How does Anakin FEEL in that helmet? – and now your own face behind the mask of death. Sigh.… Read the rest

Workers Fight For Higher Wages in Cambodia

Three cheers for garment workers in Cambodia, standing up for higher wages.  In a global marketplace, they are also fighting for you!   The Nike employees were attacked by police armed with electrified batons on Monday, in a violent escalation in their battle to receive better ages at a factory on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.… Read the rest

Forests Aren’t Fuel

Southern forests are being burned for electricity, and a new campaign announced today aims to put an end to it. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Dogwood Alliance have launched “Our Forests Aren’t Fuel” to raise awareness of an alarming and rapidly-growing practice of logging forests and burning the trees as fuel to generate electricity.… Read the rest

Site Spotlight #3: Anomaly Tracker – OpenSecrets Blog

The Center for Responsive Politics keeps an eye out for bad eggs in Congress, and who keeps them rotten with cash.  Now they have a new tool to help citizens and voters keep an eye on that basket.

For years, our researchers have analyzed and crunched numbers looking for outliers — instances where a politician relies to an unusual degree on one group of donors, for instance, or contributors from one geographic area dominate a candidate’s fundraising.

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Inside Out Participatory Art

From Cambodia to the North Pole, giant photos of people are pasted on the wall, the floor … even the ice!

This week a documentary tracks the evolution of “the world’s largest participatory art project: Inside Out. Travel the globe with French artist JR as he motivates communities to define their most important causes by pasting giant portraits in the street, testing the limits of what they thought possible.”… Read the rest

Wildlife Rescue Plan Works!


Good news! Wildlife really does make a comeback when protected!  The Endangered Species Act turned 40 last week. “Its purpose is to prevent the extinction of our most at-risk plants and animals, increase their numbers, and effect their full recovery — and, eventually, their removal from the endangered list.” … Read the rest


Now here is a guy who is making a statement and helping the homeless at the same time! Together, says Greg Karber, we can remake the snooty A&F brand … by donating their clothing to the needy.   Watch this video wherein he collects  AF apparel and gives it away on Skid Row. … Read the rest

Security Cameras use facial recognition

Big brother’s would-be watchdog warns “Brace yourself for the next wave in the surveillance state. It’s coming at us with a lethal one-two punch in 2014.”

To start with, there’s the government’s integration of facial recognition software and other biometric markers into its identification data programs.

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Naked Before God

In the amazing finale of Cosmic Significance 2012, my epic sci-fi radio comedy, the reptilians execute Order 67 – a hypnotic rock concert,  Pharaonic wedding and virgin sacrifice on the moon Titan to mark the end of the Great Mayan Pictun: December 21, 2012.… Read the rest