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June 2013

Shaving Psychic Piglets

Putin called demands for Snowden’s extradition “shaving a piglet: lots of squealing and not much wool!” I would suggest there are piglets all over – even a psychic one!

First let us consider that despite the current political atmosphere humans are indeed evolving as we are taught in school.  … Read the rest

Why Apps Are Doomed

“Oh no, not that again!”  This was my first reaction to hearing about “Aps” on smartphones and pads.  Hadn’t we already been down that ugly-ass road?

Mini-programs, or applications, aps gave additional functionality to your palm pilot.  (Ah those were the days!)… Read the rest

Ganymede at 620

My two act play Ganymede opened last night at The Studio at 620 to a nearly sold out crowd.  Party with the Gods of Olympus this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 … Read the rest

Vincent Van Gogh said

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent Van Gogh… Read the rest

Rembrandt Flashmob: Guards of the Night

The Rijksmuseum in Holland decided to take the art to the people! See how 1642 comes to life as Rembrandt’s Guards of the Night invade a busy mall.

Normally, one sees the scene in a museum all traditional and sort of not moving … like this:


But where’s the fun in that?  … Read the rest

Report on World Human Rights

wr2013_greece_missingFree Speech and Minority Rights are still huge struggles worldwide, according to the 2013 Report from Human Rights Watch.

In addition to the Keynote summaries of flash-points and progress, there is a  photo essay component focused “on the experiences of what appear to be three very different groups of people—migrants and asylum seekers in Greece, people with disabilities in Russia, and adults and children living in, and working around, gold mines in Nigeria’s Zamfara State.… Read the rest

Turn Despair Into Action

Do you feel overwhelmed by the troubles in this world?   Read this Call to Apocalypse by Robert Jensen, who says that like “Bidder 70” Tim DeChristopher, we must turn frustration into creative solutions.  But first we must face the truth.

Some stories we have told ourselves—claims by white people, men, or U.S.

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