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August 2013

Facebook Settings

As of tomorrow, Facebook will creep into your bathroom when you’re in the shower, smack your ass, and then steal your clothes and towel. To change this option, go to Privacy Settings > Personal Settings > Bathroom Settings > Smacking and Stealing Settings, and uncheck the Shenanigans box.… Read the rest

Will the Bio-Net Replace the Internet?

NewsWise reports that by 2020, the Internet will consist of 50 billion connected tags, televisions, cars, kitchen appliances, surveillance cameras, smartphones, utility meters, and whatnot. This is the Internet of Things, and what an idyllic concept it is.
But here’s the harsh reality: Without a radical overhaul to its underpinnings,
such a massive, variable network will likely create more problems than it proposes to solve.… Read the rest

Be Happy: Your Genes Will Thank You for It

Newswise  reports that a good state of mind  affects your genes:

In the first study of its kind, researchers demonstrate how positive psychology impacts human gene expression – and, ultimately, your well being!

What they found is that different types of happiness have surprisingly different effects on the human genome.… Read the rest

Let Them Eat McMuffins

It seems McDonald’s accidentally served up a Minimum Wage “McManifesto” in the form of a  financial advice website for employees. “Every dollar makes a difference,” McDonald’s lectures its struggling and often impoverished workers. The new employee website, co-created with Visa, helpfully suggests that people who work for this Fortune 500 corporation begin the financial planning process by taking a second job.… Read the rest

Dude, You Can Make It Yourself!

It sounds like sci-fi, but consumer manufacturing is about to take a leap forward like something out of Star Trek.  3D printers will make anything! Well, maybe not dinner.  Not yet.  But the fork you eat it with? Almost certainly!

A new study shows how to save money, and even supposes a new kind of capitalism. … Read the rest

Which Witch Am I?

As I look at the two of them there,
Dorothy and Glinda, I wonder:
Which of them will I become
When I am old and very wrinkled?

Holding her scepter-wand, light as light,
Glinda’s pink brilliance barely catches
Dorothy’s shadows ahead, gladly clasps
with her free hand the black-shoed maiden
leading innocence to ruby-slippered power.Read the rest