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September 2013

Big Brother’s High Chair

Like a big baby, or maybe a would-be tyrant on a throne, the top spy has a spaceship bridge and captain’s chair straight out of Star Trek in the top-secret command center where they look at all your Facebook photos (and vidoes your iphone camera took when when you thought it was off) on a huge screen.… Read the rest

The Longest Monologue Ever!

Bonnie Agan stars in Before Breakfast, an experiment by Eugene O’Neill to write the longest monologue ever.  This short play was revised for radio and directed by Dewey Davis-Thompson.  It was recorded live at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, FL in 2011 for the WMNF Studio@620 Radio Theater Project and aired on SoundStage on WMNF 88.5 FM in Tampa, Florida.… Read the rest

Sustainable Agriculture vs. Free Trade

“Export-oriented economies bleed Mother Nature … provoking disruptions in the environment and the destruction of ecosystems. This is the capitalist logic – nature is just a thing to be exploited for profit.  The real beneficiaries  of the WTO are the transnational corporations” according to this report from the United Nations body on sustainable agriculture.… Read the rest

See the Moon Spin

See the moon revolve!  We only see one side of the moon, but NASA has made a video showing the moon spin. Nasa video footage shows what the moon would look like as it rotates. This view of the moon is impossible to see from your own back yard, because the moon is “tidally locked” to the Earth, meaning only one of its faces ever points toward the planet.… Read the rest

Be an Asteroid Mapper!

Be the first person to discover a feature on the dwarf planet Vesta! Like the desktop SETI, now see the new hi-res photos from the DAWN mission and send your discoveries back to NASA. Cool huh?

“Look close: count craters, discover boulder fields, mark unique features.”… Read the rest

Why Friday the 13th is Unlucky

Thothenki wants to share this article from MentalFloss that says “According to the Oxford University Press Dictionary of Superstitions, the first reference to Friday the 13th itself wasn’t until 1913. (So despite actually occurring on Friday, October 13, 1307, the popular notion that the Friday the 13th stigma comes from the date on which the famed order of the Knights Templar were wiped out by King Philip of France is just a coincidence.)… Read the rest

The Dangerous Wizard of Oz

Steven Mitchell Wright of The Danger Ensemble says the Wizard of Oz narrative is embedded in the collective unconscious, thanks to Judy Garland and MGM. But Wright’s reinterpretation for a younger audience comes at you in a 4G-fast visual assault. “They’re also highly visually literate,” he says.… Read the rest

Revenge of the Trolley?

Steve shares his Examination of Transit in Pinellas County, Florida for a peek at the light rail plans that will appear on the ballot next year. Here it is:

The most densely populated county in the state of Florida according to the 2010 Census, Pinellas County contains twenty four municipalities and one county government, all of which must agree on certain common goals.… Read the rest

Who Killed the Green Movement?

Why did the “Green Movement” fizzle?  Big money killed it! Disaster Capitalism exploits environmental carnage to move money to the wealthy, Naomi Klein told Bill Moyers in this interview. Corporations and politicians take a advantage of our disorientation in times of crises to ram through policies that actually make things worse because disaster-traumatized people are too trusting in thier search for saviours. … Read the rest

Ancient Aliens Debunked

OK. We had our fun with Ancient Alien experts and mad hair. Now know the truth about Pacal’s Maya Rocket, Nazca Lines, Easter Island noggins and other supposed UFO evidence from the scientists who study them. Playtime is over, but learning is fun too, in this 3 hour lesson produced by Chris White.… Read the rest

Atlantis, All Five Episodes!

Hear all five episodes of Cosmic Significance: Atlantis, mixed together into a half hour audio program.  Starring Ed Lehman, Andrea Bennett, Suzi DeVore and Steve Davis-Thompson with special guests Nicholas Zumbro and Mary Allan Mill, Cosmic Significance: Atlantis first aired on WMNF last month.… Read the rest

How to Achieve a Green Revolution in Africa

A new study by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa finds ways to promote small-scale farming by focusing on crops that make up most people’s diets – ending hunger on the continent.

Africa has 60 percent of the world’s arable land and most of its countries depend on farming as the mainstay of their economies, yet productivity is low, the average size of land holdings is shrinking, soil fertility is declining, fertilizer use is the lowest in the world and rural people are unable to break out of poverty.… Read the rest

Email Privacy a Hallmark of a Free Society

As encrypted email services like Lavabit shut their doors, the importance of email privacy becomes even more clear writes Neil Richards, JD, privacy law expert and professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis, in a recent CNN opinion piece.… Read the rest