Be an Asteroid Mapper!

Be the first person to discover a feature on the dwarf planet Vesta! Like the desktop SETI, now see the new hi-res photos from the DAWN mission and send your discoveries back to NASA. Cool huh?

“Look close: count craters, discover boulder fields, mark unique features.” Go to Dawn Mission Asteroid Mappers and follow steps to get started!

The Dawn Mission arrived at Vesta in July 2011 and took tens of thousands of images with an HD framing camera … “more images than the team has time to analyze in detail.That’s where you come in. You don’t have to be a member of the Dawn team to engage in the art of interpreting the images. When all of us participate in the scientific endeavor, our accumulated findings can help the Dawn Science Team make sense of new elements on the surface of Vesta: its age, its composition, its revealing patterns.”

Can you find something the expert never expected?  Maybe!  Go to Dawn Mission Asteroid Mappers and be the first to see the unknown!